Weft Hair Extensions Or Individual Strand Extensions?

In recent years “individual strands” and weft hair extensions have become the hair accessory of choice to the Hollywood set.

In recent years “individual strands” and weft hair extensions have become the hair accessory of choice to the Hollywood set.

Instead of traditional hats, hair bands, clips and wigs celebrities are turning to hair extensions to correct bad hair cuts, change image or to spruce up a favorite look.

Whether synthetically manufactured or made from real human hair there are two general types of hair extensions , the Weft and the “individual strands”. Individual strand hair extensions are groups of 20 to 50 strands each that are joined together. These strands need to be alike not just in color and texture but also in length and are joined to similar strands of your hair. These strands can be attached to your own natural hair by using one of several methods namely by weaving, joining them with wax, fusing with heat, clamping with minute metal rods and gluing.

raquel welch extensions

Raquel Welch offers a brand of strand extensions from 2 to 10 piece sets.

Weft hair extensions conversely look like a curtain of hair instead of bundled together. The strands of hair are fixed together at the top and the other end remains loose. These wefts are fastened to your natural hair by standard track weaving, sleeves and tapes to name a few. There are two kinds of weft hair extensions the machine made and the handmade. Machine made wefts are generally cheaper because the quality of hair used is usually lower than handmade ones. The highest quality of hair for extensions is virgin hair meaning it has never been dyed or colored. Only handmade wefts have this kind of natural hair. Machine made wefts usually come in longer lengths and are just trimmed to fit the style of the client. Handmade wefts can even be prepared by very experienced extension specialists as they will tailor it for the client. This personalized service ensures that the weft and the clients natural hair is matched near perfectly color wise.

Many celebrities use weft hair extensions such as Ashlee Simpson-Pete.

weft hair extensions

Other more creative extension specialists will even be able to blend different subtle shades into each weft for a more rich and natural result. These tailored wefts for the most part also last longer this could be because universally a more accurate fit would result in less strain on the product ensuring a longer lifespan.

Lastly both weft hair extensions and single strands will need touch ups every couple of months. This is a result of one’s natural hair growth and because some methods of attachment only have a short period of effectiveness.

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