Real Hair Extensions – One Previous Owner, Low Mileage, Original Color

Real hair extensions are the perfect solution to adding more thickness, fullness and instant length to any hair hairstyle.

There’s no better substitute for your own hair than someone else’s. If you are losing hair, or just fancy a little more, real hair extensions are a quick and easy solution. However have you considered whose hair is on your head?
There is no doubt. Real hair extensions look the most natural; just ask the previous owner, I’m sure they used to think the same.  But who were they, and how come you have their hair?

I don’t remember seeing hair listed when I signed up to be an organ donor. Maybe it was included in “sundries” written in the small print somewhere. I remember seeing a report on TV about a prison in Russia where the prison guards shaved inmate’s heads and sold the hair. I thought they did that in every prison, but apparently this shouldn’t happen in a civil society.

real hair extensions

Whilst I am sure that in some places in the world hair theft does occur, in the most part it has come from someone selling it because they need the money. Some people in Edmonton may have moral issues with this. Personally, I do not. If they had a goat and sold it for cash, it would be natural and perfectly understandable thing to do. If your hair will fetch more than the goat, then why the devil not.  After all, it grows back, and its not important like, say, a kidney is. Plus, you still have the goat to sell. It’s a win-win situation.

If you feel moral twinges, just ask the hairdresser where the hair has come from, and choose the one who comes up with the best story. If they mention an illegal hair farm, go synthetic.

If you feel at all guilty, have a gin and tonic, get it out of your system in one hit, and imagine some poor girl in Russia with a full belly and a cold head.
The fact is that when it comes to adding or replacing hair, real hair extensions are the best and most natural to use.  They are suitable for both hair loss replacement and pure extensions. Human hair is much less likely to tangle than manmade fibers and will look more natural and will blend in with the rest of your hair. Extensions are often weaved in to sections of your own hair, mixing different colored strands for a more natural look. In cases of hair loss especially, hair is often sewn into the skin on the head in rows, however less permanent extensions can be glued, braided or fused.
Hair can be purchased from different regions of the world, and to match your own hair type exactly and in many natural colors, or dyed ad remain the best material for the job, just as God intended.

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